Adventures in the Rain Forest 3/12 - 3/16/18

March 12 - Jumping Frogs:  Continuing from our Asian Adventure, we will take the art of Origami and make some jumping frogs.

March 13 - Craftstick Crocodile:  A fun art project that can look a little fierce.  Paper Alligator:  A more time consuming project more suitable for older students.

March 14:  Color Changing Chameleon:  Create and color your very own Chameleon.

March 15: Paper Plate Monkey:  A good project to monkey around with.

March 16: Jungle Slime: It looks like a slimy jungle.  sorry it won't go home kids, but it can be played in After School Adventure for weeks to come!

Rain Forest Snacks:  Jungle Vines, Ants on a Log, Rain Forest Tree Snacks