Space Adventures: 10/23-10/27/17

Monday, October 23 - Galaxy Slime: Put the galaxy into your own hands. (This will not be sent home but stay in After-School Adventures for us to use for the week)

Tuesday, October 24 - Space Water Bin:  Play in space with this out-of-this-world bin.

Wednesday, October 25 - Straw Rockets:  Make your own rocket and launch it into the atmosphere.

Thursday, October 26 - Why are sunsets orange?:  We will go over what makes our sky a different color in this exciting science lesson.

Friday, October 27 - Moon Sand:  Make the sand that is on the moon and feel it in your fingers.

Space Snacks

  • Space Ice Cream
  • Edible Constellations
  • Phase of the Moon Cookies