Mr. Lemieux will be teaching 5th grade Math this coming fall, in addition to 5th and 6th grade Advanced Math. in the afternoons he will be teaching both 5th and 6th grade Science. On Fridays, Mr. Lemieux will be leading the Robotics Lab.

Letters were mailed to all 5th and 6th grade families explaining the new middle school changes for 2019-20. You can view the letter online here along with the new weekly schedule for 5th and 6th grade students.

5th Grade School Supplies

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Mr. Adam Lemieux

5th Grade Math

5th and 6th Advanced Math

5th and 6th Grade Science

Mr. Lemieux is both a lifelong Catholic and a lifelong native of a Virginia, Minnesota. He graduated from Virginia High School in 2002, and from the College of St. Scholastica in 2006 with a BA in Elementary Education. He enjoys camping, geocaching, and being outdoors with his wife and children. When Mr. Lemieux was in fifth grade, his favorite subjects were Science and Math!

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