Father Williams Powers came to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in January 1909. It was he who laid the groundwork for the construction of the Marquette Catholic School. The building was begun on May 15, 1915; and completed five months later at the cost of $70,000. Monies for the building were received by individual pledges and donations. The building was designed by Holstead & Sullivan, a Duluth firm; the contractor was Bowe-Burke Company of Duluth and Minneapolis.


Marquette School Parish:    Holy Spirit Church

1916:  September              Grades one through six

1917:  September              Grades one through seven

1918:  September              Grades one through eight

1919:  Spring                     First Graduation Class – Grade eight

1919 - 1969                       June – Grades one through eight

1969                                 July – School Board Corporation is formed. The school is leased from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. 

1969                                 September – Grades one through six

1970                                 May – Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint John the Baptist Parishes merge to form Holy Spirit Parish.

1974                                 August – Grades Kindergarten through six

1988                                 Noah’s Nook Preschool program established

2011                                 Noah’s Nook renamed as Marquette Early Learning Center



Principals of Marquette Catholic School (1916-2017)


1.  Sister Perpetua 8.   Sister Madonna 15.  Mrs. Margaret Whiteman
2.  Sister Berchmans 9.   Sister Petronilla 16.  Mrs. JoErnesta Johnson
3.  Sister Fabian 10.  Sister Jean Theresa 17.  Mrs. Cynthia Jindra
4.  Sister Rosaria 11.  Sister Jeremy Lessard 18.  Mrs. Marianne Runkle
5.  Sister Antonia 12.  Mrs. Carol Ferris 19.  Mr. Allen Kalar
6.  Sister Cecile 13.  Mrs. Maggie Manion 20.  Mrs. Georgia Brown Epp
7.  Sister Garvase 14.  Mrs. Beth Haines 21.  Mrs. Jean Virant