Staff Member: Miss Nellie Goshey

Miss Nellie Goshey

First Grade Teacher
Phone: 218-741-6811
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My name is Nellie Goshey and I am the 6th grade teacher at Marquette Catholic School as well as run the After School Adventures program. I am a transplant to the Iron Range, and would say I’m from the Cuyuna Range. (I was really born in North Dakota, but have no recollection of this event) I’m the oldest and my brother is ten years younger than I am. He’s already talking about college! My mother works as a manager for a Pediatric unit in Brainerd where she could tune into my father as he is on the radio. (Yes, there is embarrassing audio of me from a younger age) I have lived on the Iron Range for several years, and have recently moved to the town of Virginia, which I’m sure is very exciting for any students I have. My hobbies would mainly include crafts, especially painting and quilling. (Quilling is sort of extreme origami, but you get to use glue) Some interesting things about me are the fact that I cannot wink, but I make up for it by doing a great peacock call.

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