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Planning today - Ensuring the future



200+ CLUB Members commit to $200 or more per year for a
5 year membership

Our goal is to inspire 500 generous supporters to participate in the 200+ club. 

Members receive an annual newsletter with school updates and an invitation to annual

200+ Club social events





or you can

Or you can mail checks to

Holy Spirit Church 

306 2nd Street S

Virginia, MN 55792

Marquette Catholic School has partnered with the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF), located in St. Paul, Minnesota, to provide long-term investment opportunities for donors who desire to help us ensure our future financial stability and growth of the school for future generations.

We recognize that potential donors may not only have different means of giving, but also differing ideas about how they want their funds used. We believe this partnership gives donors a variety of ways to support the future of our church and school:

Marquette School Endowment

Marquette School is more than 100 years old, with a rich history of faith formation and academic excellence and a future mission to train future saints. Like the Holy Spirit Parish Endowment Fund, gifts to the Marquette School Endowment Fund are invested for perpetuity and a small percentage of the earnings are available each year to support the general activities of the school.  It is our hope that the endowment will become a sustainable source of income for our school.

Marquette Investment Fund
The Marquette Investment Fund is available for those donors who want to give, but prefer to see their gifts used for more visible and/or tangible results in the present. Funds may be used to support building projects, programs and other needs. Funds are put into investment pools, but they may be withdrawn as
needed to meet the needs of the parish. Examples of how these funds may be used include: new playground, technology equipment, classroom improvements, and new curriculum.

For more information on our endowments contact our pastor,
Fr. Brandon Moravitz or our business manager, Stefanie Scharber.

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