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Serving Our Veterans Because They Served Us

This is our blog about veterans who served us in big ways and how we can serve them back.

This past month we have learned about and met veterans from World War II, Korean, and Vietnam wars. We watched a video about Father Kaupan who was a chaplain in World War ll and the Korean War. He said Masses for the soldiers that needed Jesus closer to them. We're going to learn about him this upcoming month.

Each class had a veteran come and talk about the war they were in. Our class veteran was Silas' grandma who talked about how she served in the Vietnam war as a nurse. She brought a lot of pictures of when she took care of soldiers in the war.

We are collecting donations such as toothbrushes, batteries, snacks, card games, and anything that will help our soldiers. We've collected a lot of supplies.

Next week, we are going to visit the nursing home and interview the oldest survivor of Pearl Harbor, as well as other residents.

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