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Middle School - New PE Experiences

Day One: Snowshoeing with Mr. Bauman at Olcott Park. We took a bus there. Then he explained to us about all the different kinds of snowshoes. There is bear paw, Alaskan style, and more. We stayed in one area in the park. We had free time, than a race, then a little more free time.

Day Two: Went to LEC (Laurentian Environmental Center) to snowshoe and cross country sky. First we snowshoed. It was fun. We went two ways - the long way and the short way. Some of us went the long way. Then on the long way, we went down a long hill and lots of us fell over (except one person). We went down the trail farther and then he said we had to go back. So we came back. Then some people left to go the short way. Then there was an even bigger hill that we slid down but it was a pain to get back up.

Then we had lunch inside the lodge.

Then after lunch we went cross country skiing. It was fun. We went the long way. There were lots of hills to go down. And then we went into a meteor crater. Then we went down into it but we couldn't use our skis - we had to go down on our feet - it was a pain to come back up.

Day Three: We made fishing poles with wood, line, and glue. We each made our own. And you could customize your own pole with certain tapes and markers. We will use these poles to go ice fishing next Friday.

In future we are going to swimming at the YMCA, skiing at Giant's Ridge and other adventures.

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