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Student Council Election

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Written by Marquette Media Lab

Marquette Middle School is doing a student council for the second time.

Here are some things the winners had to say.

Here's what Sophie says as President, "I’m honored that people voted for me. I can’t wait for the meetings to start. I was on the student council last year as Vice President, and it was really fun helping the students and school. I’m so glad that I can do it again."

Here is what Greta says as Vice President, "I’m so delighted that I won and proud of all the people that ran for student council. I want to thank everyone that voted for me. I’m excited to be on student council this year."

Here's what Simon says as secretary, "I’m happy that I won."

Here is what Brynley says as treasurer, "Thank you everyone that voted for me."

Here is what Mrs. Wildes says as Head of Student Council, " I am really looking forward to the new year!  The students have many new ideas and goals."


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